CSC UCL Aadhaar Software New Version Not Working

New version of Aadhar software has been updated, due to version update, there is a problem in opening the Aadhar software.

The new Aadhaar software version version v3.3.4.2/133-1

Because of updating Aadhaar UCL software version, the software is not opening and the software is not working.

Errors Like, Aadhaar software hide automatically, UCL not working, Aadhaar software not working, UCL software hidden problem etc. 

Let's try this solution :- 

As we know when we open Aadhaar clients software the software close automatically or software hide automatically.. 
And when we open ECA Clients from run bar the showing error like "The local verification service is not accessible. This application will now terminate"

Follow the steps given below to solve the above problem.

1) Open "Services" ( From RUN bar ) and stop the services.
Aadhaar OTA service.
Aadhaar QSSITV service.

2) Open the  "Data" folder ( C:\UID Authority of India\ Aadhaar Enrollment\Data) and rename "Ivs" folder such as "lvsold"

3) Now crate a new folder with "Ivs" name in the same location. i.e., C:\UID Authority of India\ Aadhaar Enrollment\Data.

4) Now open "Services" ( From RUN bar ) and restart the services.
Aadhaar OTA service.
Aadhaar QSSITV service.

Problem has been resolved, Now Open Aadhar Enrolment Client Application without any error.