failed to sync operator details with server please try again

if you have also taken the work of UCL from CSC and you have also had this problem error a during machine registration. So follow the steps given below. अगर आपने भी CSC से UCL का काम लिए है और machine registration के दोरान आपका भी यह problem error रहा है । तो निचे दिए गए steps को follow किजिए ।

CSC Aadhaar UCL Sync Problem Solution

  1. The IP address from which your Aadhaar UCL machine was registered should be connected to the laptop with the same IP address. / जिस IP address से आपका Aadhaar UCL machine register हुआ था उसी IP address से Laptop Connected होना चाहिए

  2. Time and date must be correct. Time और date सही होना चाहिए

  3. Before syncing, connect the Gps device and capture the location and save it. sync करने से पहले Gps device को connect करके के Location capture कर के save कर लिजिए.

  4. After saving GPS, go to sync option and try to sync. GPS save करने के बाद sync वाले option पर जाकर sync करने की कोसिस किजिए ।

How to Fixed failed to sync problem in CSC Aadhaar UCL

Note :- First to find out the status of L2. If your L2 is complete, then your ucL machine will be sync and this error (failed to sync operator details with server) will not come. L2 का status पता कर लेना पहले । अगर आपका L2 complete है तो आपका ucL machine Sync हो जाएगा और यह error failed to sync operator details with server नही आएगा

Click on the link given to resolve the errors through related videos from L2 or level 2 status and sync issue. L2 या level 2 status और sync issue से Related videos के through errors का solution के लिए दिऐ गए लिंक पर click किजिए ।