Aadhaar qssitv service not working

Procedure to update Aadhaar v3.3.4.2/129-4 || Aadhaar client v129-4 update to the latest version of Aadhaar v96-2 through OTA Aadhaar Client update service.
ECA/ECMP Aadhaar Software not working due to QSSITV Services not running on the Aadhaar machine due to improper updating.

Steps to Check:
Open C:\UID Authority of India\Aadhaar Enrolment Client\version
Open version file using notepad. check whether which version exists
If UCL version 129-4 available in the version file, OTA client updates the application.
If QSSITV Service not running in the above version, go to SEED folder check the availability of v129-4 version OTA file

After stopping all Aadhar related services as mentioned below remove it and replace all files with Aadhaar enrollment client folder

Aadhaar Enroll Service Client/ Aadhaar OTA Update Service
Aadhaar Multiplatform Device Manager
Aadhaar QSSITV Service
Finally, Download and replace launcher for version 129-4

still if you are facing the same problem.
Please update previous version which available in the SEED folder version like 129-4 or 126-1 or 127-1 OTA file
Download OUC if your version Old
Connect Public internet connection then restart OTA Client for updating v3.3.4.2/129-4 automatically through OTA client service.