Aadhaar synchronisation issue solution

If you work on Aadhaar related work like Aadhaar demographic Aadhaar onboarding and if you have CSC center ( common service center ) and working Aadhaar Updatation like name change in Aadhaar card, address change in Aadhaar card, dob date of birth change in Aadhaar card, but you can't able to do this because of failed to sync operator details with server please check internet connection and try again Or failed to details with server please try again.

Aadhaar Synchronization Issue Primary Check List | UIDAI Tech Support

Dear Sir,
To fix the mentioned issue, please check the following points and then try operator sync.

1. Check if the system time settings is set to internet time and it is synced, else, please set it to internet time and sync it once.

2. Turn off/disable any antivirus and firewall installed.

3. Check the network connection is proper and try with different network.

Thanks and Regards,
UIDAI Tech support.